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Event logging application for the openmoko

This is a simple event logging application.

2010-01-21: First public release, version 1.0

Package: mokolog_1.0_arm.ipk

Source: mokolog

This is a simple way to log events as one line messages. Each event has a timestamp in your locale. The log file is specified on the command line. By default it goes into /home/root/event.log

I wrote my own keyboard because I find the built in keyboards to be too fiddily.

2010-02-18: Screenshots and usage information

New Screen shots:

  1. List window
  2. Event entry window
  3. Event detail window

When the application starts you see the list window with the most recent event at the top. To enter a new event click the New button. The event entry window will be displayed. The ABC button lets you toggle between upper and lower case. The 123 button lets you change between alphabetic and numeric input. When you have finished typing a message press the Done button. You will be returned to the List window.

To display details of an event select an event in the list and press the Show button. The details window has more space to display the details of an event. To return to the list window press the Close button.

2010-02-27: Beta Version 1.3

The entry window has been changed to use a text field to display the message being composed. You can drag the text around to see different parts of the component. The keyboard has been changed to have five columns and fewer rows of buttons. This makes more space for the text field.

This is a test release. A formal release will follow soon.

Package: mokolog_1.3_arm.ipk

2010-04-11: Version 2.0

Changes from version 1.0

  1. Events are stored in a database
  2. Events are migrated from the old text file when the database table is initialised
  3. Date and time can be specified for events
  4. Relative time is shown for every event

Package: mokolog_2.0_arm.ipk

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