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RPN Calculator application for the openmoko

I am writing an RPN calculator for the openmoko

2010-01-14: First public release, version 0.2

I am releasing this version for comment and feedback. Files available are:

  1. Screenshot
  2. mkrpn_0.2_arm.ipk
  3. Source code

2010-01-14: Version 0.3

This new version is on the way with some changes:

  1. Moved the BS DRP SWP CLR buttons to the bottom of the window because they are used less than other buttons. Currently the bottom row of buttons are hardest to use because of interference with the case of the phone.
  2. Fix a bug which allowed the result of calculations to be edited
  3. Increased the stack size to 30.
  4. Increased the number of characters in the entry field to 40.

There is one problem with the layout. The bottom row of buttons do not fit entirely on the screen. I need to find a way to shrink each button in the main window by one pixel vertically to make space for the bottom row. This is an outstanding issue.

2010-01-14: Version 0.3 released

The package is here: mkrpn_0.3_arm.ipk

2010-01-21: Version 1.0 released

The package: mkrpn_1.0_arm.ipk

New features:

  1. Reorganised the subtraction, division and power functions to make the order of entry more logical.
  2. The top item in the stack is now highlighted in bold.

2010-01-27: Version 2.0 released

This version saves the state of the calculator in a file $HOME/.mkrpn when the calculator is shut down. It loads the state on startup time. The state file has a version number. If a mismatch in the version number is detected the calculator is set to a default state.

Package: mkrpn_2.0_arm.ipk

2010-03-03: New work underway

Just so you know I am working in a new version which will be programmable, and which will store sequences of commands in a database. This is part of a strategy to make some of my applications interoperate through an sqlite database. Core functions in the calculator will be hard coded, while functions which are derived from core functions will be stored in the database and accessed through soft keys.

2010-04-11: Version 3.0

Changes from version 2.0

  1. MKRPN is now programmable. Macros are stored in a database
  2. Every key has four functions
  3. Alternate functions are selected by INV and ALT keys
  4. Some built in functions are macros

To record a macro:

  1. Press "rec" to start recording
  2. Type your commands
  3. Press a blank button (more can be reached with inv an alt)
  4. Enter a label for the button
  5. Your macro has been saved

To delete macro from a button

  1. Press alt
  2. Press cbut
  3. Press the button to be cleared

To move a macro to a different button

  1. Press inv
  2. Press mov
  3. Press the button to move
  4. Press the button to move to

Package: mokolog_3.0_arm.ipk

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