Intersection of Royal Parade, Gatehouse Street and College Cresent, Parkville, Victoria

Recent road works in Gatehouse Drive, Parkville have created problems for bicycle riders at the intersection of Royal Parade, Gatehouse Street and College Cresent. The changes by the City of Melbourne have made the left hand lane on the westbound approach to this intersection left turn only. This forces bicycle riders to compete for space in the left lane as they cross the intersection.

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Improvements underway to software

From time to time I make changes to the software. I am coding slowly because I want to keep the software as simple and lean as possible.

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How to contact me

Various ways in which I can be contacted.

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I am buying a pack of five openmoko phones

I want to buy a smartphone, but the Apple and Android phones on the market are locked down to prevent hackers like me from writing their own software for them.

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Bike rider vs Tram line

Tram lines are deadly. I know that. But on the morning of Thursday 30 July I treated one with less respect than it deserved.

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I have a new openmoko phone

The open moko comes with a custom linux software stack installed. This is referred to generically as OM software. Two other distributions are available: Qtopia and Android.

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Aircraft blind spots

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Source code repositories

Free software is available through the mercurial DSCM web interface.

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WiFi access point names

I have written a script to collate access point names on my eeepc.

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Wet Weather

People worry too much when it rains.

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Bicycle riding in Parks

A decision needs to be made about where people are supposed to ride their bicycles. Ad hoc rules will only get you so far.

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Stable Hybrid Release on the openmoko phone

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10

Yesterday I upgraded four systems from ubuntu 9.04 to ubuntu 9.10. These are my thoughts on the new release.

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Database view application for the openmoko

I am building a generic database browser for the openmoko SHR distribution. The idea is to replace the Contacts functionality in my palm pilot.

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Packages for the openmoko

A collection of openmoko packages is now available

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My resume now available on line

This is a link to my resume.

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RPN Calculator application for the openmoko

I am writing an RPN calculator for the openmoko

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Configuration management plan for my Openmoko applications

This article outlines how I intend to manage the openmoko applications I am writing.

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Event logging application for the openmoko

This is a simple event logging application.

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Desktop categories for SHR

This is a tool for dividing your applications into categories

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A simple world clock

This is a world clock which displays a list. Each list item is a time zone.

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Display simple messages on the screen

This is a bit like xmessage. You can pipe in a message to display. There is an option to display a Yes and No button and return an appropriate status value.

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A script to display some status information

This script gathers some information about the state of your openmoko and displays it in an elmesage window.

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A simple random number generator

This is a crude emulation of a dice

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Getting started with the ATMEGA8

How I got started with the Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller.

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The City of Moreland are trialing raised line markings

The bicycle line in Glenlyon road Brunswick between Lygon street and Sydney road has been modified in the westbound direction. Raised plastic markers have been installed on the line dividing the bicycle lane from the next lane to the right. This is a new hazard for bicycle riders using Glenlyon road.

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Copenhagen lanes

The City of Melbourne have built several facilties loosely based on lanes seen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Some thoughts on overtaking and how to position yourself on the road.

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Riding style

These are the rules I follow which define my riding style.

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Markers in Gatehouse Drive

Yellow raised markers were installed in Gatehouse drive, Parkville about a month ago.

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Slashdot is down

What to do if slashdot is down.

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